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Walid El Mays
Fine Art Cotton Paper

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Born and raised in the bekaa valley of Lebanon, Walid El Mays obtained a degree in Agriculture science from the American University of Beirut (2011) followed by Doctor of veterinary medicine from the Lebanese University (2016). Passionate for photography, the camera became a tool for self expression and film Photography as the medium. It started in 2018 when he bought his first camera on a trip to the Netherlands. It was shortly followed by another purchase: a 120 mm twin lens reflex camera, ( manufactured the 1960s and found in Brooklyn New York later that year) which is now the main tool he likes to experiment with. He uses different types of films ranging between negative, reversal, red scale type of films, and sometimes expired stocks of all these types. With a tendency to take the camera out only at night, low light settings became his space of predilection. Wether on the dance floor of a rave or the night protests of Beirut’s 2019 uprise, his lens tries to capture instances of pure emotions by zooming in on people’s faces to capture a moment of pure expression. The dark setting paired with minimal streaks of light, come out as a burst of color on parts of the face. It pushes for an expression and ends up putting light front and center to contrast darkness. It’s the state of mind over the physicality of the subject.

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