Blue River


Louma Rabah
Oil on Cotton Paper, 2020

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Louma Rabah is a Lebanese artist born in 1980 who lives and works in Beirut. She studied Fine Arts and Graphic design at the Lebanese American University. Louma is most famous for painting Lebanese landscapes, cityscapes, and towns using bold and expressive colors. Her compositions are vibrant, colorful, and instantly striking. Louma uses art to freely express her inner beliefs by capturing and beautifying that which surrounds her. She believes it is only through art that she can forever conserve moments, emotions, nature and endangered heritage.


  • Gallery Alwan Safi village (Beirut) 2011
  • Albandak Art Gallery Amman (Jordan) 2012
  • Jabal 2013 at Le grey, downtown (Beirut) 2013
  • Al Shaikh Zaied hall, LAU (Beirut) 2013
  • Grand Sarai, Downtown (Beirut) 2014
  • Artscape Hamra, (Beirut) 2014
  • Joanna Siekaly Art Gallery (Beirut) 2014
  • Noon Art Gallery (Dubai) 2015
  • Office de tourisme, Fauboug de Saint Honore (Paris) 2015
  • Artspace Hamra (Beirut) 2016
  • Larkina Art Gallery (Venice Italy) 2016
  • Carouselle de Louver (Paris) 2017
  • Louma Rabah Artstudio (Beirut) 2018

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