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Adra Kandil

High Quality Matt Paper 260g

Series 20

April 2019

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Adra Kandil is a visual artist. Born in the autumn of 1993, her artistic inclination began on a trip to Barcelona where she received her Bachelors in advertising and Masters degree in Innovation for Design. Her deep sentimentality towards 60’s photography, inspired her to create compositions that blur time and space. Her work is a recollection of memories in Lebanon, telling her story. A juxtaposition of photographs, that express her relationship with home, a restrospect into her childhood, and her constant search for Identity being raised in a country of constant turmoil and conflict. She also investigates issues related to nationality, culture, and social and political change in the Middle East. Her artworks emanate a nostalgic dreamlike feeling, that takes you back to the golden age, but also fragments of the civil war.

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